Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different types of multimedia speakers?

There are many types of speakers multimedia speakers available. All speaker available from Jack Martin comes with in-built amplifier. According to the no of channel this is the classification. Stereo/2.0 multimedia speaker: Stereo speakers have two speaker unit. It has two channels left and right. It has a single 3.5mm stereo connector for input.

  • 2.1 Multimedia Speaker: 2.1 speaker also have two channel left and right. Apart from two speaker satellite units it also has a dedicated subwoofer. It improves the low frequency of the speakers. It also has 3.5mm stereo or RCA input.
  • 4.1 Multimedia Speaker: 4.1 speaker have two more satellite units than a 2.1 speaker, which acts as surround and a dedicated subwoofer. It also has 3.5mm stereo or RCA input.
  • 5.1 Speaker: 5.1 speaker have total 5 satellites and 1 subwoofer. There two satellites for left and right channel, one center satellite speaker, two rear/side satellites for left and right channel and there is dedicated subwoofer for low frequency. It come with three 3.5mm stereo or RCA input. It can also work with one 3.5mm stereo or RCA input, in virtual surround* mode.

How do I know if a speaker can be connected to my PC/Laptop etc?

Please make sure you have a 3.5mm line out slot, then you can connect almost all the speakers. The 5.1 channel speakers will not work optimally with one line out. It will work in virtual surround mode. For a 5.1 channel speaker to work optimally you need to have 3 separate output for center/sub, front and rear channels.

I have a laptop and do not have access to power plug on the go, which speaker should I buy ?

We have several speakers like JM MODELS NUMBERS.............. which can be powered through USB port. So if you have a free USB port on your laptop you can use either of these speakers without any power plug. The speakers will be powered through USB plug.

I want to use a portable speaker with my MP3 player/mobile etc, which speaker I should buy?

If you don't have power plug or USB port to power the speaker. Then you should buy battery powered speakers MODEL NUMBERS.............. These speakers have built in battery which can be charged and used.

I don't have any source(PC, DVD player,Mobile, mp3 player etc), but I want to listen to songs which are in pendrive or memory card ?

We have many multimedia speakers which will so just that for you. Speakers.............. have a USB and SD/MMC card slot. You can directly plug in the pendrive or SD/MMC slot in the slot and use the controls on speaker or remote(if available) to play the songs in the pendrive or SD/MMC cards.

Do I need a amplifier to connect Jack Martinspeakers ?

No all speakers have in-built amplifier. You need to just plug the power and input to the speaker and you are good to go.

I have connected a pendrive on speaker USB port but its not playing the songs ?

Please make sure that the songs are in correct format ie in mp3. Also the bit rate should be same or lower as mentioned on the product. The pendrive should be formatted in FAT file system.


What is SMART TV?

The TV that can be connected to the internet to access streaming media services that can install the apps from Android global App store and run that installed apps, such as on demand video-rental services, internet music stations, games, education app, social apps, and web browsers.

How to connect to the internet?

There is two option to connect to the internet.

  • I. Ethernet- This is for connecting LAN cable to LAN port (RJ45) on rear side of TV. It will auto detect & assigned IP, please wait few second, if not then. Go to the Ethernet setting >>IP setting---- there is two option given address type, Auto & manual.
    a) Auto setting-------To connect internet automatically.
    b) Manual setting--- IP address & other details fills manually & click on ok, then you access internet.
  • II.Wireless-- Wireless setting-->> Switch ON Wi-Fi
    >>Scan>>get the list of wi-fi network &
    Select them which are available>>fill the password (password length at least should be min. 8 digit)
    >> Wi- Fi will be connected.

How to Use Smart Function?

By pressing the HOME key of the Remote the Home page appear on screen. In it the app store, some preinstalled apps given like YouTube, Browser, T-cast etc. Besides preinstalled app, you can download others apps whatever you want from Android Global app store.

How to use Browser?

After selecting the Browser from Home page, browser get open and you can access multiple of web portals (eg-Google, yahoo, MSN, Facebook, Twitter etc)

How to install/Uninstall the app?

App.Install:--After opening Home page the Home screen will appear on your screen in this by selecting App store-->>App store home page will open-->>in top of the page select the ALL apps option-->>then you will find another.

page of Apps in category wise. Now by selecting any one of the app whichever you want to install.

To uninstall the app-- Go to the Settings>>Applications>>> All Apps select the My app>>installed app list will shows> click on app & at left side of the screen uninstall option shows, by selecting it you can easily uninstall the app.

How to play YouTube?

By pressing directly YouTube key from REMOTE and from Home page you can use YouTube.

How to connect Mobile phone to Jack Martin SMART T-Cast?

T-Cast is basically for mirroring(Mobile wireless display) Go to Home page-->>T-Cast-->>Select wireless mirroring, the wireless display will appear after select start from screen. Or LED-3201SMT inside Seting you will get wireless display.

Now put ON Casting in your SMART phone & it will search the device TV(Inside display.

After selecting the device you can connect your phone to the TV than wireless mobile display appeared..

Note- To use T-Cast/Wireless Mirroring of Jack Martin Smart TV, SMART phone must be Screen casting or Miracast features.

How to connect input source?

In the Home page at the bottom side there is Two option Apps and TV. Select the TV and then you can select the sources Whichever you want to connect.(eg. HDMI 1,HDMI 2, AV, TV, USB, speaker out etc).

How to use NETFLIX?

NETFLIX is a paid international video streaming app. You need to first make account in NETFLIX and purchase the monthly pack for TV shows and movies then go to the NETFLIX app in app store and log in to the account. After all this process you can use it. Netflix service offers unlimited video streaming content. There is no limit to how many movies or TV titles you can watch with the Netflix video streaming service. The monthly package available of approx $10 and to watch movies and video create an account visit the Netflix website for complete information.

Please visit the Netflix Help Centre -

How to use Yupp TV?

Yupp TV is a paid Indian Live TV, TV shows, Movies streaming app. You need to make account in yupp tv and purchase the pack whichever you want and then log in to the yupp tv and can enjoy by watching Indian Live TV, movies and all entertainment to your screen. The monthly package available of approx USD 9.99 and for more details visit tothe yupp tv website.(

Slow speed while using internet?

Check data plan, recommended network speed above 2Mbps.

Facing problem of Intermittent hanging?

Install clean master from app store & clear all cache cleaner or junk files & close multiple open files.

If some Apps shows not working?

Due to regular up gradation of the product some apps may not be supported or opened.

Some different language Apps or text?

Due to Global app store for Smart Phones & TV some apps can shows other language, video/Image & text like- phone/mobile/tablet/touch..etc. Words.

Is Remote working at all pages?

Already mentioned in Manual,Recommended to use USB wired/Wireless Mouse.

USB --- How to play media files of USB flash drive?

Select Home page > Media center > All> Disk will shows now you can play image/video/Audio files.


Please follow the user manual provided with the TV set.