Introducing H10 W, wired On Ear headphones

For noise cancelling sound experience. Get lost in your own world with its absolute noise cancellation sond delivery technic that is specially designed to let you focus more on the sound than to the surroundings.

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Based on the Omni-Electrets
Condenser Microphone

Along with a 40mm driver speaker to provide loud & clear sound without any distortion. A 4.5mm driver size microphone which is omnidirectional lets you respond to immediate calls from any direction just at a click. Over-ear headphones create a protected, secure space around the whole ear where they unfold a soundscape for you to explore.

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₹ 890

Wire Headphone Information

Fitted with soft leather, leatherette, or velour ear pads, they ensure a comfortable fit even during extended hearing sessions.
H10 W Over-ear headphones can feature a closed or an acoustically open design. Some closed models include sophisticated ANC technology to eliminate ambient noise almost completely--which comes in handy when you want to enjoy your music in busy places.

  • 1.5- mm Cable Length
  • 40- mm Driver Speaker
  • 4.5- mm Driver Size

Technical Details

  • φ40mm*H7.0mm
  • 50-10KHz
  • 1.5m Wire headphone
  • Instruction Manual & Warranty Card